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Current Workshops:

Create Your Functional Medicine Prescription

Brains and Beauty Series 

Learn from skin expert Sheila Lang, nutritionist Kelly Gemmel, and Dr. Andrea McSwain. 

Previous Courses


Rx Yoga: 

All levels welcome. This session is a mix of exercises and discussion. Come with questions. We will explore topics about health, body work, and energy work to optimize health. Come to feel better or come to feel great.  


Core Function & Your Breath

Yoga Anatomy Workshop at Haslett Hot Yoga

Part 1: Saturday June 25 1-230pm

Part 2 (can be taken separately): Saturday July 30 1-230pm  

True ability to use core strength must involve the ability to breathe freely. In this two part workshop, Dr. Andrea McSwain and Elissa Voigt will guide you through a sequence that will awaken your core and release the muscles of your breath. 

Previous Classes:

Yoga Anatomy Workshop

Saturday April 9, 2016 from 1-3PM

Explore your postures and discover the places in between. Each Yoga Anatomy Workshop will take you deeper into alignment, muscle dynamics, and the health benefits of each posture. Take your experience of yoga into true understanding of the biomechanics involved and ask questions about your personal practice to our in-house physician. 



Restoring Function Through Upper Body Realignment

Monday April 18, 2016 from 12-1PM

Plainfield Senior Center, Rockford, MI

Do you have a friend who is concerned about their “humpback” forming? Are you interested in finding out how to prevent that for yourself. As we age, maintaining our mental and physical abilities is important. Misalignment in the body can impact our lives substantially. Misalignment compromises swallowing and breathing as well as increases risk for falls. 


During this presentation, Dr. Andrea McSwain will explain what you can do to improve your upper body alignment to improve your function. A hands-on portion of the presentation to show you how to help yourself and others to, quickly and simply, improve your upper body alignment. This program is especially good for people with osteoporosis, COPD, thyroid problems, and sinus congestion.

Prevention and Treatment of Fitness and Sports Related Injuries

Saturday, November 7, 2015 from 6-8pm

East Lansing Hot Yoga. 

Individual your wellness event or program: 

Dr. McSwain is eager to assist you. Ideas for any size group, include:

Realignment of Osteoporosis

Basics on Weight Loss

Diabetes has a Cure

Ways to Correct Your Posture to Look Years Younger