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Facials - Body Treatments

A healing retreat for body, mind, and spirit


All treatments begin with this gentle balancing of the body’s energetic pathways. This process harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self, allowing for a restorative feeling of equilibrium, openness, and relaxation. 



Essential Oils are powerful plant extracts that naturally promote a state of well-being through positive emotions, physical wellness, and spiritual awareness. The Aroma Blend of high-quality essential oils are present in our KPS Essentials treatments and products.



The benefits of the treatments are vast because the skin is our primary layer of defense. Many of our treatments are geared towards promoting healing specifically for conditions including psoriasis, ezcema, scarring, acne, hyperpigmentation. Weight loss, deep wrinkles, and thinning skin are also improved. 



Select services are complimentary to one another to promote healing. Synergistically combine our facial and body treatments, thus enhancing the overall benefits.


This results-oriented treatment will address your specific skin condition. From hyperpigmnetation, sensitivity, skin related medical conditions, and premature aging, this personalized facial helps treat and correct individual concerns. 


Includes a customized exfoliation for the face, neck, and décolleté to renew the skin, a deep-cleansing massage to promote circulation, and hand selected masque to balance and nourish. Tension is released, leaving face, neck, and décolleté visibly smoother, tighter, and more radiant. We will complete your experience by educating you on how to maintain your healthy skin at home.




Neck Slimsage

Nourishment from the Outside In

61 year old before and after for the facial and neck Slimsage combination to nourish the skin and improve tone. 

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*Treatment performed by the Esthetician.

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KPS Slimsage treatments are designed to target stubborn areas of the body afflicted by cellulite and dimpling. Slimsage treatments hydrate, nourish, and slim these places on the body that have the bulge that won’t budge no matter what you do in terms of good eating and movement.  


Slim and Tone through Slimsage, in the area of your choice including neck, legs, arms, and abdomen. Your experience includes before and after measurements for comparison, dry brushing, treatment scrub, kneading massage, and nourishing masque with heat to optimize penetration of products.


Remember, at home treatments enhance your success. KPS Essentials realizes the important value of keeping your treatment go. KPS Essentials has made available the last step in the treatment protocol, KPS ReNu Body Sculptor Lotion. Purchase this powerful sculpting lotion at a discounted price when you purchase a Slimsage package.

Body Treatment

Slimsage Abdomen

Nourishment from the Outside In

43 year old momma, who is following her prescription of movement, diet, and supplement support, had a loss of 3 inches from her Slimsage abdomen treatment and visibly reduced stretch marks.

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*Treatment along with osteopathic manipulation performed by Dr. McSwain.

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Service Menu


Signature KPS Essentials Facial     60 minutes $90

Signature KPS Essentials Facial Extended    80 minutes $125

Signature KPS Essentials Facial with Dermaplaning    80 minutes $125

Signature Facial with Neck Slimsage Treatment    90 minutes $175

Facial Experience with Mary     60 minutes $110

Facial Experience+ with Mary    90 minutes $135

Men’s Beard Facial    30 minutes $60

Dermaplaning    40 minutes $75


KPS Slimsage- Select One Area

Arms/ Abdomen/ Glutes/ Legs    80 minutes $115

Reiki with Mary    60 minutes $100

Reiki+ with Mary    90 minutes $125

Pregnancy Belly Skin Care    45 minutes $75

Back Facial    45 minutes $90


Scalp massage with Jade roller    No additional time $15

Infrared sauna    30 minutes $30

Oxygen Therapy    No additional time $10

Maintain Your Healthy Skin at Home 



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