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Microneedling Benefits

Many of the Microneedling benefits stem from what the procedure doesn’t do to the skin compared to other types of resurfacing treatments. Skin needling does not burn the skin (like laser), dissolve it (like chemical peels), or abrade and scrape it (like dermabrasion). These abrasive treatments cause severe injury and can come with many risks and potential side effects.

Microneedling gently stimulates the skin’s natural healing process by creating micro-channels with very fine needles that close up within an hour. This reduces the healing time, risk of infection and makes it safe to use on all skin colors with minimal complications. Microneedling safely encourages collagen production, keeps the skin healthy and actually makes it thicker.

Skin needling also increases penetration of serums and other active ingredients to support the skin’s normal cell functions. Microneedling can optimize the absorption and effectiveness of anti-aging products by up to 3000%!


  • Dramatically increases the effectiveness and penetration of active ingredients in topical preparation.

  • Stimulates circulation and collagen production.

  • Non-allergenic to human tissue due to sterile medical grade needles.

  • All areas of the body can be treated including scalp, face, and even the fragile skin around eyes, hands

    and neck.

  • Safe on all skin types, including ethnic skin.

  • Short healing time with minimal risk of complications.

  • Cost-effective compared to other resurfacing procedures.

The Effects of Medical Microneedling On the Skin

The skin injuries created by microneedling activate the body’s natural wound healing effect to stimulate tissue regeneration. The rejuvenating effects can be seen in many different aging aspects as well as improving scars. The new collagen fibers elevate the depressed tissue with the periphery skin, smoothing indentations.

These types of natural results will begin to be seen after a single treatment with full results seen 90 days post procedure:

  • Improved skin texture.

  • Reduced wrinkle appearance.

  • Increased skin plumpness.

  • Diminished the visibility of all types of scars, especially acne.

  • Diminished pore size.

  • Improved appearance of stretch marks.

  • Increased hair follicle production


Microneedling - Wound Healing & Collagen Production​

Injury, aging, or being over-treatment is the predominant cause of out of balance collagen in the skin.Essentially, if the skin is treated to often or to aggressively, it can go into hyper-repair mode due to the constant injury. The unbalanced skin has less elasticity, becomes stiffer and looks unhealthy.
Note: It is important to space deeper microneedling treatments at least 4 weeks apart to avoid over- treatment.

When the skin is injured, as with microneedling, the body’s natural wound healing process is started. This stimulates the formation of new healthy tissue causing a change in the relative amount of Type I and Type III collagen in the skin. The skin injury causes the amount of Type I collagen to increase and the amount of Type III collagen to decrease. When Type I and Type III are out of balance, the body works to repair the injured skin and bring it back to a healthy state. Young skin has a balance between Type I and Type III collagen.

Who is a Good Candidate for Medical Microneedling?

Any person that is looking to improve their skin can consider Medical Microneedling. The procedure can be safely performed on almost all skin types, with an array of skin conditions and all Fitzpatrick skin colors can be treated. The reason being is that the epidermis, in particular the melanocytes in the basal layer, are left intact, reducing the risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation even on darker complexion skin.

Concerns that can be treated with microneedling treatments:

  • Mild to moderate acne scarring.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles (great for around the mouth and crow’s feet).

  • Loose, lax skin.

  • Skin tone and texture.

  • Pore size.

  • Stretch marks.

  • Superficial Pigmentation.

  • Sun Damaged skin.

  • Surgical Scars.

  • Hyper-Pigmentation (darkening of the skin).

  • Hypo-Pigmentation (loss of pigmentation).

  • Hair Loss (by stimulating the blood supply to the follicle it can increase hair growth).

  • Microneedling can also treat sensitive and fragile areas including around the eyes, on the neck and the backs of the hands that can be too risky with other procedures..

Determining What Treatment is Best for YOU- Preprocedure Consultation

When working with the skin it is very important to recognize the best way to optimize the benefits of the treatments:

1. We will start with your full health background, treatment history, products being used, skin concerns and skin type. 

2. We will ask your pain tolerance and downtime concerns to determine if this procedure will be the most effective and suitable for you.

3. We will review indications, contraindications, risks and benefits before you sign the required consent for the procedure. 


Consent for Microneedling

Before microneedling, as with any cosmetic procedure, it is extremely important that you have a clear understanding of the side effects, risks and contraindications associated with the procedure. You should be well aware of what post instructions must be followed and we will have you sign an acknowledgement of these important points so you feel clearly informed the client. No microneedling procedure will be performed without a consent form signed.