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Dr. McSwain considers herself a partner in health for her patients. She is a Doctor of Osteopathy with residency training in Obstectrics and Gynecological Surgery. She began focusing her practice on wellness medicine with an emphasis on age management. She has received training from the Institute for Functional Medicine as well as the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine.

A large emphasis in her practice is using Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) to realign the body. Improving one's function comes from adjustments to one's form. She has a keen understanding of how the body's systems are interconnected and how each one affects the others, promoting healing and increasing overall mobility.


Dr. McSwain  received her undergraduate at Arizona State University. She attended Midwestern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Now, she serves the communities of Lansing and Grand Rapids as a Functional Medicine Doctor and Functional Gynecologist.

Dr. McSwain recognizes that optimal health is different for everyone, so she takes the time to know and fully understand her patients and how their bodies function individually. This ensures that each health plan is specifically designed for the individual patient. 

She is committed to identifying the unique underlying causes of disease and treating them with the best diagnostic tools and technologies from conventional medicine, as well as emerging tests and toold that help to identify critical imbalances that are the root of all illness. She believes in patient-centered, not disease-centered, medicine. 

Healer. Physician. Educator.


heather proctor.jpg

“Heather Proctor is completely dedicated to our patients, our clinic, and our community.” Dr. McSwain⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

⁣Heather plays an invaluable role in the Michigan Center for Functional Medicine. Since she started in 2017, Heather serves as the glue of the clinic by managing the behind the scenes operations as well as providing education and services to our patients.

Heather’s healing journey began because she was suffering from over a decade of worsening fibromyalgia. She has spent the past 14 years dedicated to improving her health as she dealt with severe fatigue from fibromyalgia. After working with Dr. McSwain for 9 months, she recovered from fibromyalgia.

When you talk to Heather, she will soon learn about how much she loves her family. She has 2 children and 1 grandson. Heather’s son is 15. He was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old. In the last year, Kelvin has been working with Dr. McSwain through manipulation and supplement support. His social, cognitive, and motor skills have improved substantially and continue to improve at a rapid pace. We are blessed to see his journey of healing. Kelvin has allowed us to record his journey and you can find a few videos that have occurred over the last year.

Clinic Manager. Patient Educator.



Tammy was working at a job that was more corporate than patient care and frustrated with a lack of caring for people. At the time she had no control over what she could do to optimize care for people.⁣ She was restricted by management as to what she could do or say to patients. That meant she felt defeated in her career and no longer pushed herself to be better at her job. ⁣She learned how toxic the beauty industry is, and no longer looked forward to going to work or learning new information about her career.⁣

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...⁣

She was approached by Dr. McSwain, a friend who owns Michigan Center for Functional Medicine, to draw her patients' labs. ⁣Upon working with Dr. McSwain and her patients, Tammy remembered what it felt like to show real care. She saw patients healing and feeling like they are in control of their lives!⁣ 

Instantly, it became crystal clear that she has a choice in how she lives her life. She was so inspired by the healing and growth around her, that she decided to continue her education and combine careers as a phlebotomist and an esthetician to better serve her patients. ⁣
Her plan was to continue her education as an esthetician, and focus more of her time at MCFM, and that's what she did.

She is thrilled to work some place that she feels valued and help her patients truly heal.⁣ As an esthetician, her role is helping people get better. She is also expanding her knowledge by working side by side with the Doctor!⁣

Esthetician. Plebotomist


Bio Photo Mary.jpg

Mary has served as a bodyworker since 1990, a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner since 2002, and esthetician and instructor since 2004.


She brings a plethora of skills to enhance the experience of each guest. She seamlessly integrates her knowledge and training from such areas as aromatherapy, lymphatic manipulations, massage, pressure point, and energy work, with the goal of bringing each guest to a high level of relaxation and serenity.


She believes that when stress is addressed in a preventative manner on a regular basis, it allows the body, mind and spirit to flourish. Mary is driven by a model of excellence where each guest feels nurtured, respected and valued, and committed to providing extraordinary treatments with unparalleled results.


She draws great inspiration from the famous saying of Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Licensed Esthetician, Reiki Practitioner