-Call us at (517) 377-2455. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive a return phone call. 

-Email us at support@mifunctionalmed.com.

-Fax us at (833) 237-3335.

Office is Open by Appointment Only. Please contact the office before stopping by.

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Online Booking

This page is for scheduling Living Matrix Initial Consultations only. 

If interested in a different appointment type, please visit: https://www.mifunctionalmed.com/book-now

Living Matrix Initial Consultations

Please read through the process before making your appointment online. If you have any questions, please email hello@drmcswain.com

Living Matrix Process:

  1. You will receive an email from Michigan Center for Functional Medicine to complete your Living Matrix Timeline. This is to be completed from the privacy of your home. You can save and reenter the documents as many times as you need to fully complete the 3 part history.

  2. The software is date based, please don't get to hung up on exact dates; if you are unsure, simply do your best to hone in on an approximate month/year. 

  3. Please remember to enter all medications, supplements, surgeries, and allergies.

  4. Schedule your initial consultation for a date prior to your appointment with Dr. McSwain by using the scheduling tool below. If you are having trouble scheduling, feel free to email Lacey@drmcswain.com to schedule instead. 

  5. This initial consultation can be completed by phone or in a video conference online. This call can take up to 30 minutes.