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Join my class on healing shoulder pain! 


I want you learn from this class and be able to watch it again and again. I want you to have the knowledge and the power to heal your body and be free of pain. 


Medication is toxic to your body. 
Surgery is wrought with complications and doesn't always have high success rates. Many patients continue to struggle with shoulder pain, even after going through surgery.


If you have been told that you need medication and surgery for shoulder pain, but you are saying that these methods don't sit well with you, I want to congratulate you, because you are already on the path to healing! 


Join me, and I'll help you fix the problem for the long term - without medication or surgery. 


I will provide you with affordable means to actually take control of your health. 


You will have the power to use these tools and techniques provided throughout the course to heal yourself. 


You will heal. 

Healing Chronic Shoulder Pain: An Online Course with Dr. McSwain